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Sve vijesti u kategoriji Nova izdanja

  • weezer back to the shack 2014 front cover 600x600

    WEEZER se nakon 4 godine vraća s novim pjesmama…

    “The lead single from “Everything Will Be Alright In The End” delivers all the guitar…

manic street preachers futurology album front cover 600x600
opća opasnost rocker-to-sam-ja 2014 novi album 600x400
life in peril new album wings of perdition 2014 front cover 600x600
upset slaves of the new world 2014 album front cover 600x600
red river rock riječka rock scena 60-tih 600x400
bad blood counterstrike ep 2014 front cover 600x600
overpower album greatness within 2014 front cover 600x600
loell duinn karpatia 2014 front cover susret istoka i zapada 600x530
edguy space police 2014 front cover limited edition 600x600