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BAD BLOOD – “Silence = Death” (2013)

True veterans of croatian metal and hardcore scene, Bad Blood was founded back in 1998, when four friends decide to play music together and pay tribute to bands they all loved. So from day one, Bad Blood combined hardcore power of Pro Pain, thrash diversity of Sepultura and love for guitar solo as well as damaging live shows of Pantera.
Bad Blood selfreleased two full length albums – “Reality Screams” in 2000. and “To Sin By Silence” in 2001.

Reunited in 2007. and then again in 2012. band beging working on new songs, filling them with decade-long anger, honesty, frustration and devotion. Band sing a deal with Miner Recordings in early 2013, and the new album called “Silence = Death” was ready for the world.

Throughout the years Bad Blood became close friends with one of their idols – legendary Pro Pain and Bad Blood’s vocal Branko Nadj often joined Pro Pain on stage, whenever they came close to Croatia. So, in return, Pro Pain’s vocal and frontman Gary Meskil sang guest vocals, and even appeared in video for the first single from “Silence = Death”. Song called “Freedumb State Of Mind”. Video was directed by Igor Malecic from Meisterwerk Productions.

With third album out, receiving excellent reviews from both fans and music magazines/websites, Bad Blood is once again 100% focused on what they do best – spreding the aggressive music through rapid live shows. “Croatia hardest” they were once called by their fans, and that’s the title Bad Blood wants back!

01. Freedumb State Of Mind (feat. Gary Meskil / Pro Pain)
02. Predators
03. Enough
04. Mirror Broken
05. Urban Genocide
06. Gratitude (feat. Petar Shtokan / .upset)
07. Sins Of Our Fathers
08. Cowards Not Men
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